Day 28 – Fire and Water

The contractors returned today. At 8:20 I looked out the window to see a guy who looked vaguely like one of the electricians getting out of a car. The door bell rang at 8:30 and the day began with two electricians installing what in the industry is known as trim. The rest of us call it switches, outlets and lights.


I had the outlets, switches, fan timer and plate covers ready to go. EXCEPT one outlet I had purchased wouldn’t meet code and the timer for the fan didn’t fit in the little tiny space allocated for it. Did you know most fan timers are on back order at the local hardware store? After five trips to three different hardware stores and buying four different timers, the timer for the fan in the remodeled bathroom was installed correctly and the timer for the fan upstairs had been replaced so that it didn’t sound like a time bomb ready to go off. In addition to the fan timer being installed, the outlets are “trimmed out”, the lights I spent days ordering are up, and the retro light bulb from Rejuvenation is lighting up the space.



At 11:30, as the electrician was finishing up, the door bell rang this time it was the plumber. He was ready to set his trim. I gave him a quick tour of the job, he donned a head lamp since the electrician had flipped the breaker, laid down a heavy cloth to protect the floor, took off his shoes, and set to work. At 11:45 I left for my yoga class – just like on Day 8?

When I got back the plumber asked “can you come look at this?” When your contractor, any contractor says “can you come look at this?”, it will usually A-cost you more money or B-you won’t like the way something looks. Or as in my case it can mean both. The sink faucet looked BAD. Do we live with it “NO”, in the day of instant gratification I too can find a sink faucet in an hour or less. Which I found  at the supply house recommended by the plumber. It was so sad for this decision  happen so quickly when I could have spent days researching all the faucets available to mankind Online.


By 5:05 all of the plumbing was finished. We had the Toto toilet and Toto sink reinstalled. I haven’t done a piece on toilets, but if you are planning on getting a new toilet I recommend you take a look what Toto has to offer, they are works of engineering. We used Hansgrohe for the shower trim and the faucet is from Delta.




But we aren’t done. There is paint to touch up, a new medicine cabinet and knobs to install, a vintage mirror to hang, but most importantly more drink recipes to share.

Speaking of drink recipes. How about one with a shrub or shubbery as in Monte Python. I have read shurbs are all the rage, although most people I have asked about shrubs think I am talking about gardening not drinking.

This drink has no name – sort of like that horse in the Eagles song but I find it very memorable so does a friend who happened to stop by and got to taste test it this evening.


My Favorite Drink

Mix equal parts-about 1 oz:

  • Gin, I like Aviation or New Deal 33
  • Lillet – aperitif wine
  • Mixed berry shrub*
  • Top with chilled seltzer


In a glass bowl mix

  • 6 cups mixed raspberries & blackberries
  • 2 1/2 – 3 cups cane sugar
  • dash of salt
  • Set in refrigerator and stir once or twice a day.
  • After 3 days sieve to remove seeds.
  • Pour remaining liquid in a glass jar.
  • Mix in 1/4 cup champagne vinegar for each cup of liquid.
  • Store in glass jar for up to two months.

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