Day 27 1/2 – Accessorize

Like a nice outfit, a good remodel needs accessories. Lots of them, well the right amount of them. We are talking towel bars, grab bars, TP holders, shower rods, and knobs – accessories if you look under the Delta Website.


Rejuvenation for classic knobs

Picking out the accessories and hardware can take a lot of time Online and in stores. Getting it right is worth the time. Choices can overwhelming, but if the fixtures are already selected they provide a good direction for color and style. Finishes for fixtures generally come in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and maybe Polished Nickel. Most recommend coordinating fixtures and accessories. In the past it was difficult to source matching grab bars, but the variety of finishes and styles available has increased significantly.


Delta Trinsic Grab Bar


Grab bars are an item that I frequently see ordered but not installed. They are for old people who need help walking, right. We had a grab bar installed thinking it would a good place to hang wash clothes. But something tells me the grab bar will get a lot of use. It was helpful the first time I tried out my tub – sans water.


Grab bars also come in two levels with a towel bar.

It took me a while to source was the shower curtain rod. It is possible we will add shower glass later, but for now we will use a clear shower curtain. I could not find an 80″ shower rod Online. After a tip from one of the contractors I work with at Devine Bath (yes, that is a name change – snazzy huh), I found a chrome closet rod at Winks that will work perfectly.


The hand towel bar presented the biggest challenge. It took me three times to get it right. This morning I decided we had to have a towel bar with a shelf. The tile setter was coming for a few last minute touch ups, I wanted to get the towel bar TODAY so he could install it. I was sure I had found just what I needed at Rejuvenation on closeout, but the traditional style looked out of place with the more modern look of the other accessories. So back to plan B and the 18″ Delta Trinsic Towel Bar. Plan A was a Delta Ring but it was, as my kids say, “awkward”.



So many choices.

My favorite places to look for accessories are:


2 thoughts on “Day 27 1/2 – Accessorize

  1. Love the photos. I think it’s time to remodel your blog now with a sidebar and ads for all the great products and stores you’ve used!


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