Day 27 – Was Yesterday

Yesterday’s blog post did not happen. I was out at a VERY nice restaurant with my cousin. I had a very nice cocktail – The Last Word. It was an appropriate drink for the day the tiler finished working in my bath and shower.

The tiler arrived at 8:25 am and set to work grouting the walls. In Day 17, I listed the evolution of tile choices and said we would be using white grout. But after looking at the wonderful straight lines of the tile we opted for something that would provide more contrast. We switched to a medium gray Pewter grout. White grout may yellow over time or it may not. But it will collect dirt, however since we where using an new type of grout it should not mold and it should hold its color

Grout is another material where recent changes benefit the home owners. Several grout manufactures now offer an urethane or epoxy products. They do not stain, they hold their color, and best of all they do not need to be sealed. Custom has Fusion Grout and Laticrete offers Plasma. They come in a variety of colors.


We opted to use Fusion Grout since the color Pewter provided the best compliment to the design. It shows off the straight 1/8″ lines and coordinates well with the floor and Quartz counters.

Applying this type of grout requires patience and an eye for detail. My tiler has installed over 20 bathrooms with this product. He is familiar with the product and will take the time to neatly clean the joints. My tiler did not finish applying and cleaning 100 square feet of tile until almost 4:00 pm. Now it will take another three days before the grout is ready to withstand water. But we don’t have to worry about taking a bath since I haven’t called to schedule the plumber yet.

About that drink, I will be working on it and I will keep you posted.





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