Day 25 – The Return of the Tiler

The tiler came back today and the bathroom is looking better and better. He set the infamous Quartz and he set tile, then he removed the infamous Quartz and set more tile.


The first piece had left a gap where the Quartz met the cabinet.

The Quartz has the unique distinction of being the troublemaker on this project. The counter top cut from a template went in very nicely and fit well. However, the piece behind the tub came up short, where I provided dimensions was cut incorrectly. The tiler measured it and the notch was half an inch short. Like so many things in life you can be half an inch long, but you can’t be half an inch short. Fortunately, the fabricator had enough Quartz. They offered to cut another 20″ x 32″ piece. Unfortunately, they could not deliver it. I took an hour out off work drove down to the far reaches of Metro to retrieve it. But now the Quartz is in to stay and it looks right. And tiler can proceed.


Tomorrow the tiler will be finished setting the tiles. The next day he will grout and install the grab bars – more on that later. The end is in sight. What will I do? Will I keep blogging? Do you want more drink recipes?




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