Weekend 6 – How is your remodel going? & Dogs Negroni

I don’t know about Lake Wobegon, but it has been quiet here. The last two days we were “contractor free”. While I was writing the Day 24 post, my contractor was giving the trim another coat, installing the washing machine (alleluia), and finishing up the inevitable odds and ends that come with the end of a project.

Yesterday, we celebrated the arrival of the much anticipated Quartz. I like the color, but think the fabricator could have done a better job on the edges. Now we await the arrival of the tiler on Monday. He will take about three days to complete his portion of the work.

I was hoping we would spend the weekend organizing the basement. Maybe tomorrow, there is always tomorrow. Meanwhile, I a doing my best to rid the house of construction dust. However, the signs of construction are still present, the carpet to protect the floors runs through the living room, the Quartz is stacked in the corner, door protectors guard the jambs, and random cans of paint and stacks of tile sit waiting to be needed. One more week I tell my family. Then I tell them how the third light I ordered for the vanity is delayed.


Quartz awaiting installation

So how about a drink. Using inspiration from a cocktail list of the Montgomery Distillery in Missoula. A place I just discovered online and I am looking forward to visiting on my next trip west. I would like to share with you the:

Dogs Negroni


Pour together, add ice cubes. Enjoy. Take care to set your drink in a safe location so that the dogs won’t knock it over as they race around the house in their newly discovered enjoyment of the living room.


Tired boys


2 thoughts on “Weekend 6 – How is your remodel going? & Dogs Negroni

  1. Great blog, Lynn! I read it all today. Reminds me of when I worked for a general contractor a long time ago. Maybe you can take a look at our upstairs bathroom some time, as we might need a second shower in the not too distant future.


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