Day 24 – Cudda, Wudda, Shudda

It seems that part of any purchase or large project comes with some degree of regret and the justification that the right decisions where made. Even though I am a designer and have been responsible for the design of million dollar projects, when it comes to my own house, I rely heavily on input and approval of my clients – my husband and daughters. I have talked to other designers about the challenges of doing their own projects. And the comments are universal, when you know all the choices and options available, it is easy to keep second guessing yourself.

Just as is an abundance of options for materials selections, there are an numerous ways to rearrange a space. In our remodel I have identified three options.

  • Option 1-leave it as is-redo the finishes.
  • Option 2-move all the plumbing and redo all the finishes.
  • Option 3-(which came to me at 4:30 this morning) flip the door and move the sink and toilet over close the built-ins and redo the finishes.

We went with Option 2-moving all the plumbing and taking the walls down to the studs. In Option 1 the bathroom would like nice, but the toilet would still be visible from the living room. Option 3-well it is a little late for Option 3 – considering I didn’t think of it until the wee hours of this morning. I contemplated getting up and measuring the space to see if it could have worked. I didn’t, I went back to sleep, but when I woke up I went into my almost completed bathroom and considered how it would have looked.

You will be happy to know I am glad we went with Option 2. When it comes to using the space – IE having more than one teenage girl in the room with all the required accoutrements, Option 2 will work the best. and have plenty of elbow room. After the teenagers have moved on, it will give me the most room. And Option 2 has the most storage. As we said when I worked in residential architecture, “You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much closet space.” I have given up on the first two, but I can still hope for more storage space.



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