Day 22 – Today we are late because . . .

In which I drive to the far side of town and my contractor has vehicle troubles. As the slow and gradual pace that remodels assume at the end continues – oh, I have mentioned that before. My contractor didn’t arrive so I sent him a friendly text. He responded with a call that his truck was in the shop. What would a project be without a delay caused by a vehicle. It wouldn’t really be a construction project.

After the contractor arrived, he templated the counter top. Originally, I just did a drawing and emailed it to the Quartz fabricator. But since the Quartz had delayed the project, we decided to template it for an EXACT fit. I lost a few days on finishing the bathroom, but I gained a counter top that will fit exactly along the not so straight old wall.

The fabricator is located in a far corner of the Metro region, a location I normally avoid. Fortunately, I was able to deliver the template (a 1/4″ piece of plywood cut exactly to the size of the counter with labeled with detailed instructions) and get home without getting stuck in too much traffic.

I haven’t mentioned my contractor’s truck, it is a things of beauty. I will snap a pic of it sometime. On the exterior it looks like any unmarked delivery vehicle. But on the interior it is an immaculate shop. How cool is that? He can haul around the large items needed for construction, store his tools, AND have a dry interior from which to work. It goes without saying that the contractor needs to have the right equipment – that is huge part of where that chunk of change I pay every week goes. It is important to have a contractor who keeps his space neat, neat, neat. Because if he can’t keep his own room clean? How do you think he will keep yours?

In other news, the trim has been installed and is being primed. I am still trying to get a light for the vanity ordered, but I have cabinet knobs I like.

IMG_0254[1] IMG_0255[1] IMG_0253[1]


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