Day 21 – Weekend 5 – G&T

The blog didn’t happen yesterday, between a school auction, a basketball game, a trip to Home Depot, and a discussion with contractor it had to wait. Meanwhile, faithful husband got up early to put a second coat of paint on the walls.

The paint was dry by the time the contractor arrived. I find myself starting to feel a little grrrrr towards him. Yesterday he was grumpy and not happy the Quartz had delayed the project. He is ready to finish his part so he can get paid and on move on to his next job. Fortunately, he still pays attention to the details. He installed the cubbies on the cabinet, cut the trim to size and primed it. He and his assistant will be ready to install and finish priming the trim and cabinets when they return.

It is not uncommon for the homeowner and the contractor to get short with each other when the project is nearing a close. I do my best to put on my “professional hat”, always referring to the contract and drawings to ensure we are discussing the same scope and price. Throughout the process my contractor and I have maintained good communication, discussing heights, locations, and the numerous other items that contribute to a successful final project. I appreciate the time he spends to make sure he understands my vision for the project and is able to accurately execute it. It avoids the need for expensive changes that cost time and money and may compromise the finished quality.


As I write this the weather feels like summer and that calls for a favorite summer standby – A G&T.

A variation on a G&TAviation Gin with two slices of grapefruit since the lime in the refrigerator has gone bad. Aviation makes the best G&T’s, and   I am not alone in this belief.

IMG_0247[1]IMG_0251[1] Driiink                                                                                               Poplar trim


One thought on “Day 21 – Weekend 5 – G&T

  1. Aviation Gin is the best, I agree. And I will have to try the grapefruit-instead-of-lime version. If it’s good enough for a margarita, it’s good enough for a G&T–cheers!


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