Day 20 – Fresh Coat

Today’s progress consisted of painting, which with insulating shall count as part of the home owner contribution to the project. The laundry room wall has received both coats of paint. And the bathroom is awaiting its second coat of low VOC paint tomorrow morning.


Low VOC paint is excellent example of how the market has embraced a green product. Do you remember the smell of a freshly painted room and how it lingered and lingered. You wanted to feel good about the freshly painted room, it was clean and felt new. But something didn’t feel quite right and someone in the house usually had a headache after the room was painted. That someone was usually me. Now we have an option to forgo that smell, for a few extra dollars no or low VOC paint is available, the investment is an easy choice. Good for the environment and the indoor environment.

There is more painting tomorrow. It may not be so air friendly. Primer is not as   easily available in the Low VOC variety, especially primer that needs to cover shiny wood.


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