Day 19 – Forward Halt

I seem to have lost the ability to count. I went from Day 17 to Day 20 in the last two posts, (if you look now you’ve missed it, I corrected the dates). Yes, I do want this to be over. It will be soon. But there was a hiccup today.

Before I tell you the too long story of the hiccup, I would like to tell you a little bit about the product creating the delay – Quartz.

If you have contemplated installing a new counter in your kitchen or bath, you have probably heard the pitch about Quartz. Quartz is a engineered product made of ground quartz and resin, depending the the brand it may also include pieces of recycled glass or mirror. The final result is both indestructible, impervious, and easy to cut and install. It is basically the perfect product for a location like a bathroom or kitchen where greasy substances abound. I put a high recycled content Quartz in my kitchen and I LOVE it.

Anyone who has been involved in a remodel knows a seemingly minor hiccup can throw the off the whole schedule. For this project the Quartz countertop remnant is the culprit. Turns out the remnant I was planning to use is too small. Early this week we changed the bench at the back of the tub from two pieces to one piece. It  was the difference between having enough Quartz and not having enough Quartz. That is remodeling, a small change can have BIG consequences. Using a remnant can save a lot, but that means finding the right color in the right size.

Since the tiler needs the Quartz to continue and he has another job scheduled for next week. I am fortunate his schedule allows him to return to my tile at the end of next week, by then I should have the illusive Quartz.

In other news, the contractor came to install the cabinets and and construct the cubbies on the top. Fortunately, the delay in the tilework won’t impact the cabinet, the trim, painting, and a few other items. With the exception of setting the plumbing and the final electrical, most of the work will be done by the end of next week. I’m crossing my fingers.

imageThe first part of the cabinet

imageThe new view


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