Day 18 – Putting It All Together

This morning started out calmly. The tiler arrived at 8:10 am, we discussed the location of the accent, he started laying tiles, and I went to my desk in the next room to work. About 9:30 am I took a short break to call the fabricator to find out when the Quartz counters (I will discuss this material later) would be ready-Thursday (crossing my fingers).

image Accent & tiles before grout

I went in to discuss the counter with the tiler and it soon became apparent that several things needed to happen BEFORE the tiler could complete the tile on the right wall and the right side of the tub. He would need the Quartz and the cabinet on the left wall installed first. But before the cabinet can be installed the floor needs to go in AND the contractor needs to build the cubbies that sit on the cabinet.

What separates the men from the boys in a remodel is the ability to keep the project on schedule without loosing the attention to detail as all the different parts go together by the different trades.

I call my contractor, he is working on another job. I get nervous, will the tiler’s work stall, will my job be in limbo for a week. My contractor texts back, “On my way.”

At 12:50 pm my contractor and his assistant walk into the house, they kick out the tiler, and begin emptying the living room of construction supplies and equipment, They lay down a work space in the driveway and preparing to install the marmoleum.

imageimageSetting the stage                                                  Front yard storage


Marmoleum template & Marmoleum subflooring

 At 7:30 pm they down the pie I offered them when they first arrived and leave. The marmoleum is down and carefully covered, the construction supplies are neatly organized in the living room,  and all trash and extra materials properly disposed of. I have house back until tomorrow morning.

A remodel is a lot about trust. Do you trust the guy to show up, to do what was agreed on, to do it well, and not to damage the rest of your house in the process. I do!



Installed and covered marmoleum

image Contractor’s pie (not in the face)


& I get a drink

Gimme Patience


3 thoughts on “Day 18 – Putting It All Together

    1. The dry weather helps. Otherwise they track in lots of mud, and have to work inside when it is better for air quality and keeping dust down to work outside.


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