Day 17 – Oh Beautiful Tile

Today is the day that I have been waiting for since the remodel began – the day the tile starts to go up. The house is very quiet. It is just the tiler and his radio. He has the tub carefully protected to prevent damage while he works. He has his level, his spacers, his mortar, and the tiles. He lays course on course. Each time I look in I see progress and perfectly aligned tiles.

imageimage Progress

I spent more time deliberating on the tile than I did the bathtub. I started taking¬† tile samples home a year or so after we moved into the house. Originally, I planned to use blue glass tiles with large format (10×18) glossy white tiles. Then I was going to use 3×6 subway tiles with a dark grout. After that I contemplated using 10×18 glossy white tiles with a mosaic accent of small matte black tiles. In the end we opted for 4×12 matte white tiles with a two-part accent of a heavy marble liner and a thin band of rock tile and white grout. I had fun selecting tile. I solicited my family’s input. You can ask them if I took their advice.

image Matte white field tiles

image Stone accent

imageMarble liner

When helping others pick out their own tile, I have them consider the following:

  • Be open to what you see. Visit tile stores (all of them), take home samples and don’t be surprised if you are drawn to something unexpected.
  • Listen to your space. Put the tile samples in the room where you plan to install them. The light your bathroom is unique. The space is unique. Let your tile choices compliment the space.
  • Live with what you selected. Give yourself time to make the decision. Leave the tiles out where you can see how they appear at different times of day. Choose tiles that are comforting. We are all drawn to different colors and textures. Tile is a combination of both, pick something that makes you feel good.

image Small mock up


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