Day 15 – And Then There Was Dust

We have entered the phase of a construction project that is dreaded by all allergy suffers-sanding drywall. American’s have been covering their walls with some form of gypsum and paper product since 1945.

Drywall come is 4′ x 8′ sheets, the contractor cuts them to size, which is very slick when the walls are 8′ tall (mine aren’t). He then tapes the seams with a yellow grid like tape AND he installs a METAL “L” bead at the ceiling joints. If there is any movement in your house using a metal bead versus a paper trim is essential. Without it there will be cracks at the ceiling. Then he trowels on the mud, feathering it out so the finished wall will have a smooth surface. When he is done, he sits down to read his iphone, waiting for the drywall compound to dry so he can sand the walls. Oh no he doesn’t, if he is an in demand contractor he goes off to his next job letting you know when he will be back to sand. And sand. And sand.


We are in the sanding stage of our remodel. The contractor showed up late in the afternoon, sanded the walls, laid down another coat of mud, turned on the heater and said, “I’ll be back tomorrow to sand and put down another coat of mud tomorrow”.

But even with a layers of 2 mil plastic and a ZipWall separating the “construction zone” from the “living zone” my nose knows that there is too much dust in the house.But I will Survive.

image image


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