DAY 14 – Halfway – I Hope

If all goes as planned, today we are at the halfway point in our remodel. But if you see me in 14 days and ask if we are finished and I say no, please do not be surprised.

There a number of ways to count halfway. Half of the money has been spent-we are over that. Half of the man hours have been used-we are past that mark. I am crossing my fingers we are halfway through in terms of time. But as anyone who has ever been involved in a construction project knows, finishing  a remodel can take MUCH longer than expected.

WP_20150226_16_37_24_ProSo where is my project at now – the second coat of drywall is up in the bathroom and the heater is on so it will be dry enough to sand tomorrow. Meanwhile the contractor and his assistant, the Lone Ranger and Tonto I call them (my apologies if that is not PC, but it fits- says Tonto), are madly at work hanging drywall in the basement.

The big push for next week will be tile work. After that it is the floor, the trim, the cabinet, the plumbing fixtures, and I am sure there is more but the list is getting too long. Oh I forgot painting, lights, me soaking in that big tub and you coming to check it out. I will try not to schedule that while I am in my tub a la Portlandia.

image Plaster repair at the ceiling

imageSorted trash


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