Day 12 – you are Permitted to move on

There are two things in life that make me REALLY anxious, waiting for an airplane and waiting for the inspector to come inspect my construction project.

When you are working on a small project or just moving things around there is always the question “To permit or not to permit?” Last week, one night after the kids had gone to bed my husband discussed our options.

The pros of getting a permit:

  • It ensures the work is done correctly
  • If you ever sell your house it will sell easier with fewer questions
  • It is the right thing to do

The cons:

  • it costs money
  • I am not moving anytime soon
  • what if it doesn’t pass inspection

After a bit of debate and the united consensus that after spending all this money we won’t be moving for at least fifty years but that we wanted confirmation that the work was done correctly, we decide to do the right thing and get a permit.

So I went online to apply for a permit from the city. I am a smart person, I have applied for a lot of things online, no worries right. Well, long story short, whenever possible have your subcontracts pull a trade permit. Your sub will pull the correct permit and if your contractor has a good reputation the inspection process with go smoother. And just like that flight it will probably all work out just fine. If the inspector doesn’t approve your project, it will probably be for a good reason and you want it done right which one of the reasons you chose to get an inspection in the first place.


Well the inspector came by about 9:20, he looked at the plumbing in the bathroom, he went to the basement and looked at the plumbing in the basement. He let a little water out of the pipes, signed the paper giving me my permit and we chatted about having kids in high school sports. Now it is time to move on to the next phase – drywall.


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