Day 11 – Do Not Toss the Tub*

After what felt like a herculean effort by the plumbers,  our new Americh Turo 6032 ADA tub was installed by 2:00 pm. Even though they spent longer than it would normally take to install the tub (no fault of theirs existing conditions can be bear), I guarantee you I spent more time agonizing over which tub to install. I have lost track of the number of tubs I looked at and how many times I pulled out my tape measure to see if the tub I was contemplating was long enough, narrow enough, or the slope on the back would be comfortable. Even after I finally selected AND ordered the tub, I was still wondering if I had the right tub.


A remodel is all about decisions and the tub was a big decision. It costs a lot, it takes up a lot of space, and it is an important design element in the bathroom. On top of that since the room isn’t big enough for both a tub and a shower, we needed a tub that would be comfortable as a tub or a shower. We wanted an extremely comfortable soaking tub, and ample space to shower that is easy to get into and out of AND we wanted the tub to look great too. That is a lot to ask of one little or not so little tub.


The trend lately has been to “Toss the Tub“. Last year I worked on over one hundred and fifty bathrooms remodels where homeowners literally “Tossed the Tub”. They took out the tub and replaced it with a nice tile shower. All because asking a tub to be a comfortable tub and a comfortable shower and easy to clean and easy to get into and . . . is a lot to ask. And often because they just don’t use a tub.


But I like a good soak. In our first house we had a wonderful old fashioned clawfoot tub. And I have dreamed of having a nice tub since the day I moved into this house. I haven’t had a chance to test soak the tub yet. It is currently filled with water awaiting inspection tomorrow. But I will let you know soon.


*And by the way. Toss the Tub it is the real deal. I haven’t done a bio yet, when I am not writing this blog I am a Project Coordinator for Toss the Tub. We can assist you with the design (in your own home)  and we manage the construction of your own personal bathroom remodel. Although we don’t always recommend that you take it to the studs, there is plenty of room for improvement with new tile and new fixtures and maybe or maybe not a new tub.


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