Day 10 – Ode to Wood Windows

Today, I bid adieu to the original wood double-hung windows in my bathroom. For ninety years they moved up and down along heavy cotton cords, and they would have done it for ninety more. The windows in our house are in good shape, they may need a bit of paint here or there, but overall they work as they should and the wood is solid. Unlike many double-hung wood windows, even the top sash of the bathroom windows moved up and down to let out steam or fresh air escape. A very handy feature in any bathroom. A few years ago, to improve efficiency and keep out the bugs we had updated them with screens and storm windows mounted on the exterior.But now they are gone, replaced with heavy vinyl windows that will withstand the water and moisture that will be inflicted on them by the relocated shower.


I love the simplicity and elegance of the old, weighted, double-hung windows. The window slide past each other guided by cords and pulleys. Each window has its own pulley and weights, the cord and pulley for the bottom window sits inside the window trim, while the cord and pulley for the lower window lies in the jamb on the inside of the upper sash. Inside the wall there are two weights, sized to the window, to provide the correct amount of tension to keep the windows in place. If maintained property and not subjected to numerous coats of paint, this simple pulley system of windows will keep open and shut forWP_20150220_09_08_11_Pro centuries.WP_20150220_09_08_05_ProIMG_5741


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