Day 9 – Up and Down

Today’s activity was electrifying. The electrician and his assistant came at 7:55 am and left around 2:00 pm. While the various tradesmen (I would say people, but I have not had any women tradespersons to date) travel through my house from attic to basement with a stop on the main level and back up to the attic, I sit working at my desk or walk into the kitchen for a drink. I am struck at how different a plumber or an electrician views a house than the I do. I interact with my house horizontally, while they interact with it vertically.

I can spend the whole day in my house and never go upstairs until evening. Meanwhile, the plumber is working on ways to get the water up and the sewage down and the air out through the pipes in the roof. The electrician is running wires from the electrical panel in the basement up through the walls to the attic and out through the ceiling with stops for power and light in between. As they work they yell at each other about their next move and pass pipes and wires through the cavities in the walls.

imageThe new and the old- On the right is the existing knob and tube. I powers lights and switch in the next room. On the left is the new three gang box for lights and the fan.


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