Day 8 – Yoga

Plumbing work continued at my house today. Three plumbers kept busy from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. All that is left is to set the tub and put in a few straps.


What lurks behind the shower.

I attempted to return to my schedule today and that meant going to the noon yoga class I have gone to for over five years. Today at yoga I did what I normally do at yoga – sort out my life. I had a lot to sort out today.

The big question I contemplated during rounds of sun salutations was “Why is it so taxing to have a remodel done?” As I went through the same yoga routines in the same place, with the same instructor I have had for almost five years. I thought about how a remodel disrupts a family’s routine. While my family’s busy life of school, sports, music and days off continues at its frenzied same pace. I work from home and share my once quite work space with any number of plumbers, electricians and carpenters. Meanwhile we do not have a washing machine, we only have one bathroom, and the part of the living room we can access is filled with a tub, construction equipment and plastic barriers.

Then I remember why it took us three years to begin the remodel. I like my routine and how my house is part of my routine. But everyday there is progress, the guys doing the work are courteous and contentious. And soon, I will have a tub to relax and enjoy, and I will love my bathroom.

What lurks under the house.  image


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