Day 7 – Plumbers and More Plumbers

It was day two of plumbing for my remodel. Around three this afternoon I lost count of how many plumbers where in my house.

The first three arrived at 8:35 this morning in three vans containing one plumber each. They parked in front of my house and in my neighbors driveway. At 8:50 they turned off the water and the three plumbers kept busy in the basement removing my house’s 90 year old galvanized steel pipes. And replacing them with pex. Pex is the opaque white piping that has “revolutionized plumbing”. I have contemplated getting copper pipes but stayed with the conventional and economic pex.

Occasionally, one of plumbers would surface from the basement to work in the bathroom or head up to the attic to work on venting. But for the most part they stayed in the basement. Around 2:00 in the afternoon that all changed, three or maybe four, maybe five more plumbers descended on my house. The whole street was filled the their vans. They carried large pipes, buckets of pipes, and buckets of tools in and out up and down, all while wearing large tool belts. “You must be pretty nimble to make around all those tight corners.” I commented to one plumber. This was after I asked another large plumber to “please not bump the walls in the stair.”

At 4:30 they swept up the debris got back in their vans and left. All of them expect for the lead plumber, he got to stay in the basement as we discussed how how to run the line for the toilet. I will spare you that discussion. But I think we arrived at a successful strategy of how to run the drain for the toilet and not reduce the head clearance in the laundry room.

This evening I felt much better after I had chocolate. Thank goodness for Valentine’s Day. My lovely daughter brought me two  Theo’s Sea Salt and Chocolate bars.

They should finish plumbing tomorrow. I can survive one more day. I have to.


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