Day 6 – Contractors and Cocktails

You know it is going to be a long day when you are thinking about evening cocktails and it is only ten in the morning. But when you have five plumbers, three dogs, two children, and one contractor (if I could quadruple myself that would have rounded things out nicely) going every which way in your house cocktails can be a very Zen thought.

Today was a big plumbing day  and it was also a day off for school kids. The laundry room was plumbed and the vent stacks are in place. Yes, this remodel is more than just a bathroom.  And the vent stacks, the vertical pipes that allow air in the plumbing to escape when pipes are filled with water are ready for air.

It is almost four the plumbers are strategizing their work for tomorrow, the dogs are sleeping, the kids are doing homework, and I am still contemplating what cocktail to make this evening. I think I’ll have a New Deal Gin #1 Rosemary-tini .

imageNew vent stacks for the toilet, sink and shower and framing for an inset medicine cabinet.


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